NCN Grants awarded to Two Faculty Members

Our sincere congratulations to our fellow faculty members.

Dr. Wojciech Tworek was granted NCN Sonata 15 program funds for 2020-2023 for his project entitled „Mysticism and Modernity: The Chabad-Lubavitch Movement between the Two World Wars.” Dr. Tworek will be examining the modernization strategies of Chabad in the Second Polish Republic and their impact on the doctrine, practices and social organization of the movement.

Prof. Marcin Wodziński received a four year grant for his project on “Two Enlightenments: Poles, Jews, and Their Roads to Modernity.” The main question for this project is to investigate interactions between the Polish and Jewish Enlightenments and to evaluate what this meant for both sides and how the two interacted on their road to modernity. Prof. Wodziński intends to examine how they interacted, what were their similarities, influences, and mutual attitudes. The project will analyze the possible impact of the Polish context on the shape of the Haskalah in Poland and of the unique features it adopted. It will also study the role of the Haskalah in the formation of the essential ideas and reform plans of the Polish Enlightenment.”