Anna Kałużna

– holds a degree in sociology. She defended her PhD dissertation, written under the supervision of Prof. Marcin Wodziński, at the Department of Philology at the University of Wrocław, where she received her doctoral degree. She was granted scholarships by, among others, the Posen Foundation and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. She has been the curator of several exhibitions, including the one on the post-war Jewish theater in Lower Silesia, which was displayed in the Wrocław city hall.

Kałużna has been involved with the Department of Jewish Studies for many years and has participated in numerous cultural and educational initiatives. She cooperates on a regular basis with the Foundation for the District of Four Denominations and Mutual Respect in Wrocław. Her interests include the post-war history of the Jews, especially in Lower Silesia, and the Jewish theater.

She is currently office manager of the Department of Jewish Studies, where she teaches Yiddish language classes.


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