About the Program

What can you do in 1905 hours? Play 1270 football matches, watch 3810 episodes of a TV series, run nearly 630 marathons. Or you could learn three languages which use a distinct alphabet, travel from the deserts of the ancient Middle East to modern Israel, and explore Jewish literature (or at least start by defining what it is).

What’s in it for you?

Did you know that according to Jewish tradition, God created the world in Hebrew and that Adam and Eve also spoke Hebrew in paradise? The Jewish Studies program in Wrocław not only can teach you Hebrew, one of the oldest languages known to humankind, but also Yiddish, a language used by Jews in Poland and beyond. In addition, you will learn about Jewish culture, history, and literature, Judaism, philosophy and Jewish mysticism, music, film and theater, and many other subjects.

Who is our Program for?

Above all, the program is designed for people who are curious about the world around them! You can choose Jewish studies as a major, but it can also be your minor. A student friendly class schedule and our welcoming and open-minded staff members will help you coordinate Jewish studies classes with your other university course work or your job.

Please note that our BA program is only offered in Polish.

Why choose our Program?

Our lecturers are specialists in their fields, who teach with genuine passion. They are not afraid of difficult questions, and they enjoy discussions. Our students benefit from the Department’s extensive links with numerous research and teaching centers in Poland and abroad. We offer our students a chance to participate in the Erasmus Plus program. The “Sznirele Perele” student society affiliated with the program helps our students develop their interests and participate in a wide range of projects in Poland and abroad.

What next?

Are you wondering what you can do with a degree in Jewish studies? Our graduates work in cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, schools, diplomatic institutions, and even in the police! You can listen to their stories here.

So if you have 1905 hours free and you want to put them to good use, sign up for Jewish studies in Wrocław!