Piotr Grącikowski

– is a literary scholar and librarian, the unruly student of Professor Woronczak, Professor Wodziński and Dr Wilczura, the court caricaturist of Jewish Studies in Wrocław, the “adopted” grandson of Regina Liliental, a member of Professor Bednarek’s Imponderabilia Club, an employee of the National Ossoliński Institute, a co-editor of “Najes,” the bi-annual newsletter of the Department of Jewish Studies at the University of Wrocław and publisher of the Squarterly Obsesograph “Seplencja.” His main field of interest is Jewish ethnography; he collects various editions of the game “Friendly Flirt”; and in his free time he does what he failed to do when he was busy. No jogging, trekking or clubbing. In 2016 his doctoral dissertation earned honorable mention in the Majer Bałaban competition. ejnhore[at]gmail.com

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