Admissions Process

Guidelines for admission to the full-time undergraduate Jewish Studies program:

Admissions 2019/2020:

New matriculation exam (passed in 2002, 2005-2019)

The admissions process takes into account the results of the matriculation examinations from the subjects listed in the table.

The results of the matriculation examination, expressed as the number of percentages obtained, will be multiplied by the corresponding coefficient in the table.

If a subject examination was taken at two levels, the higher result will be taken into account.

The acceptance list will be based on the sum of points earned. If the candidate did not sit for one of the subjects examinations listed below, s/he receives 0 points for the exam, but s/he can apply for acceptance.


factor for the basic level

factor for the advanced level

Polish language (written exam)



English language (written exam)



Choice of one additional subject (written exams)


The old matriculation examination (up to and including 2004)

Ranking of the sum of grades from any two written subjects passed on the matriculation exam within the established limit of admissions . Grades will be converted into recruitment points according to the following scales:

Scale 2-5: average grade – 3 pts; good grade 4 pts; very good grade 5 pts.

Scale 1-6: passing grade – 2.6 pts; average grade 3,2 pts; good grade 3.8 pts; very good grade 4.4 pts; excellent grade 5 pts.

Exemptions from the admisions process

Winners and finalists of olympiads at the national level and winners of nationwide competitions, a list of which is provided below, are admitted to specific programs on the basis of the original document issued by the organizing committee of a given olympiad or nationwide competition together with other required documents.

These exemptions are applicable in the academic year in which the matriculation examination was passed.

List of national olympiads and national competitions that grant exemption from the admissions process.

IB international baccalaureate

Applicants with an International Baccalaureate (IB) are admitted to the admissions process on the same terms as those who wrote the new matriculation examination.

For admissions purposes, applicants are awarded admission points equal to the maximum number of points for a given program (N) multiplied by the relative number of points awarded on the IB diploma and divided by 45. Recruitment Points = (N x total IB points)/45.

The bilingual matriculation

Admissions candidates who passed the bilingual matriculation examination are awarded the maximum number of points for the basic level of the foreign language (100%), multiplied by the corresponding coefficient specified in the admissions guidelines.

The result of the foreign language examination passed at the bilingual level is converted into the result of the foreign language examination at the advanced level by multiplying by 4/3 and rounding up to the full percentage, and then multiplied by the appropriate coefficient specified in the admissions guidelines.

Foreign matriculation examination

Admission to the university will be on the basis of a document uploaded in the IRK system entitling the applicant to undertake studies in the country of issue.

Admissions Schedule