About the Program

Have you got your undergraduate degree and are wondering what to do next? Are you interested in Jewish culture? Do you know the basics of Hebrew or Yiddish and would like to continue your studies? Do you want to understand the contemporary multicultural world? Join us – we can show you the way!

Why choose this Program?

Our lecturers are specialists in their fields, who teach with genuine passion. They are not afraid of difficult questions and they enjoy discussions. Our students benefit from the Department’s extensive contacts with numerous research and teaching centers in Poland and abroad. We offer our students a scholarship program that includes financial aid and semesters spent abroad as part of the Erasmus Plus program. The “Sznirele Perele” student society affiliated with the program helps our students develop their interests and participate in a wide range of projects in Poland and abroad.

What’s in it for you?

You already know aleph, tav, and everything in between. You know the difference between dagesh and mapik, and nikud is no secret to you. Time for the next step! The Jewish Studies program at the University of Wrocław is an opportunity to continue learning Hebrew and is the only program in Europe to offer both Yiddish and Ladino language classes. This is your chance to study issues concerning the international Jewish Diaspora, contemporary Israeli culture and contemporary Judaism. You will acquire translation skills and master the methodologies applied in researching Jewish studies.

Who is our Program for?

The master’s program is designed for open-minded students with intellectual curiosity. You do not need to have an undergraduate degree in Jewish studies. It can be either your major or minor field of study. A student-friendly schedule and our welcoming and flexible faculty members will help you coordinate Jewish studies classes with your other university course work or your job.

What later?

Wondering what you can do with master’s degree in Jewish studies? Our graduates work in cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, schools, diplomatic institutions, and even in the police! Let them tell you about it.

Call or write to us, or even come to visit, and find out if the program is right for you!